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ANOTHER Fang's Blog update!

hey, the blog got updated again! It's a VERY long entry too. Here:

Simulacrum-Me: The Red Carpet. The Lights.


It's hot here. And I'm heat-weary and beach-bored. Which, P.S., I'm a little sad that’s even possible. But I am edging up eerily on Nudge in the brown department. So, umm, I think I should maybe chill on the suntan. Hel-lo melanoma (and, ahem, taking my own advice).

So I stole Fang’s computer. Because what is maybe the only bigger time vacuum than the languidness of sand and surf? You guessed it, YouTube. Oh, interweb. I'm convinced your secret evil genius name is The Procrastinator. There's a thought strain/plot strain there: The control of collective knowledge. Collective evil. My collective paranoia. My paranoia digresses.

In more uplifting news! I came across this video about our movie. And SO MANY OTHERS, which, wow, thanks you guys! There's a lot of talk about who would play whom. It seems. (I try to limit the googling-of-myself.)

Funny, thinking about someone making my facial expressions or my words their own. I wonder if it'll feel like me. So crazy! I mean, I guess Jimmy Patt does that to a degree already. Because he helps us tell our story. And he uses my voice. But like a whole living person, dressed up like "me", talking like "me", acting like "me". CRAZY!

But exciting. I'm couldn't lie to you. I'm psyched to watch it, because I'm sure Avi Arad will do a awesome job. I feel really lucky I have such talented people who want to create this.

I didn’t know some of the actors and actresses in the video above and in others, but I am totally cool with the idea of Ellen Page playing me. She was so rocking (and charming) in Juno!

Maybe they’d invite us to the premiere or something. We could be VIPs. Or VIAHs, Very Important Avian Humans. Har har. Oh well, we’d probably get attacked by some slobbering psycho-goons if we showed up anyway. But a girl can dream!

In other news, I'm afraid we might be outta here soon.... Tropical paradise is nice and all, but you know us, we like to stay on the fly. ;)



YAY! I wanted Ellen Page to play Max. Awesome!

PS: SOMEBODY tell me how to get my stupid 14-year-old brother to stop breathing down my neck ¬¬


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May. 30th, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC)
I like the series a lot! I just can't wait to see the movie!!! but its taking forever...so sad...anyways i just hope they pick the right people for the roles!!! yay i also loved MAX the fifth book. well it may be just me but i love that fang and max are finally together so bonus points for JP! job well done.
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